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What Is StackWizard?

StackWizard is a free, completely unbiased, data stack assembly wizard that was peer-built by members of the Solution Monday community.


Its purpose is to shorten the time needed to evaluate integration feasibility or map the features of new data tools from days, weeks, or months to just seconds.

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How to use StackWizard

Simply choose a category and answer the questions. StackWizard will instantly rank currently available, pre-investigated data tools based on your specific requirements and give you a 100% unbiased ranking.


After your ranking is displayed, if desired, StackWizard can send you a report containing a complete calculation of how and why it ranked the available tools if you want to save your results.

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Business Intelligence

Data Governance & Access

Data Lakes

Data Observability

Data Quality

Data Warehouse


Management & Monitoring



Query Engines


Reverse ETL

Visualization Tools